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20 jan-19 May eur 35

5 days pass

Boat ticket

eco tax

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20 may - 19 jun eur 45

5 days pass

boat ticket

eco tax

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Black Olive
20 jun - 19 jul eur 55

5 days pass

boat ticket

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  • Add 5 euros for parking ticket. There is a limited number of 500 parking spaces for cars.

Faq’s Frequently asked questions


How can i buy a ticket?

First you have to Sign Up. Based on the register form, one of our #3sof team member will decide if you are eligible to buy tickets.


How many tickets can i buy?

After you receive the confirmation e-mail with the “BUY TICKET” link, you can buy just one ticket, for yourself.


Can I buy more than one ticket?

You can not.


Do you have one day pass?

No, not for the moment. There is a limited number of tickets available, valid for the full duration of the festival. However, it is up to you how long you will stay, if your time is limited.


What is the age limit to buy the ticket?

years old


I have a question

Please feel free to send us an e-mail with the subject Ticket QUESTION at hi@3sof.com