3 Smoked Olives Island is a new adventure every time

The Island is located on the Danube River, far away from the bustle of the cities, on the border between Romania and Bulgaria, more precisely near the crossing point between Calarasi [RO] & Silistra [BG], in Ostrov.

Yeah, it’s a real island

Being a real island, the only way to get on the island is by boat. The moment you put your feet on the boat you enter another world. A more natural one, with water, sand, a young forest and clear blue skies.

If you’re lucky, on some mornings, you will find hundreds of seagulls playing around on the beach.

This island is pure magic

When the Danube is at it’s highest, the island stays under water for more than 3 months and nobody can set foot on it.

The river cleans Europe after storms and brings a lot of driftwood along his water and leaves it on the island. That makes the island be a bit different each year.

It’s like nature’s perfect way of cleaning bad energy accumulated over the year.

Golden sand

The sand on this island is smooth, fine and clean. It’s well prepared for your feet and it will offer you an experience of full freedom.

When the sun is at it’s highest, the sand will become very hot and we recommend that you wear a pair of flip flops after a refreshing swim in the river.

Fairy-tale forest

Imagine yourself in a young forest with your feet in the cool sand, could this be possible?

Yes! You will find something very different on our island. You will walk through the forest, barefoot, in the sand.

3 Smoked Olives Island Festival is one of the very few festivals where you can camp in the forest and see the sandy shore of the Danube river from your tent.

Danube River

The second longest in Europe,  the Danube River passes through Germany (Donau), Austria, Slovakia (Dunaj), Hungary (Duna), Serbo-Croatian and Bulgarian (Dunav), Ukrain (Dunay), Romania (Dunărea).

Also, the water is very good and refreshing for swimming in those hot days of July.

IMPORTANT! Please be careful. The Danube river is very powerful, with strong currents, please don’t go too far in the water. Do not go in the river after 10pm.

Delta Aquarid meteor shower

The duration of the southern Delta Aquarid meteor shower covers the period of July 14 to August 18. Maximum currently occurs on July 29/30.

The maximum hourly rate typically reaches 15-20.

You can see the the meteor shower from the island when the sky is clear.

Registrations are now open

Registrations are now open