You asked for some changes, the islanders asked for a community and we deliver as best as we can.

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We make the islanders community 

You asked for some changes and we deliver as best as we can



It got bigger

In our hearts, this was the first proper edition of the festival. Everything got bigger, the stages, the crowd, the vibe and the feels.

Paddling, water sports and more, were added to the festival.


The second stage

If we danced in the sand in the middle of the night, why not have a second stage during daytime in the young forest.

This was another break trough for us, we finally felt like a small festival.


First “reuse” solutions

We made tepees with wood from the forest, used fruit wood crates for tables and old linen bags as chairs.

We cleaned the young forest for the first time, which helped the trees grow stronger.


The year the islander was born

This was that most challenging year for us.

After 2 weeks of working on the beach and setting up the bars in the young forest, the Danube rose in just 2 days more than we ever expected, we had to move the whole festival on higher ground in the forest in just 12 hours.

It was a blast!


The beginning

Yes, it was the middle of September and it was cold outside.

It took us 1 month to make this great pilot edition. Almost 100 people came, most of which were our friends.

Nobody knew about the festival.


3 Smoked Olives Island Festival started as a party with less than 30 friends

But, we found proof and heard rumors that showed us that there were smaller groups of party people on the island, before 2010, with just a speaker and a Walkman.

Registrations are now open

Registrations are now open