How do you enjoy beauty, islander?

How often do you experience the feeling of abundance, of the genuine wealth, of infinite eyes-blowing beauty? Did it happen to you to just stop thinking for a second when you were in a beautiful place? On top of a mountain, in the desert? In the middle of lands blessed with beaches and green trees with waves flowing under the sun from dusk to dawn?  

You know the feeling I’m writing about – when the time stops and you live an eternal present in the glimpse of a second, overwhelmed by what you see and by what happens inside you when you see it.

I have a particular sense of enjoyment being on the island. I discovered some years ago the pleasure of traveling to unpopulated places. I’d find it difficult to describe the way I perceive having so much clean natural untouched space for me and my friends for the days spent there.

Do you like deserted beaches? Do you see them? Just beach, empty, just water flowing and that’s all. No constructions, no millions of people..just the beach and the water. It’s huge! And clean. No plastic sparkles, no broken glass, no cigarettes buds where you’re stepping gently with your lover in the sand.

Last year I had a trip at around 6 am from the island to the shore to get to the long-boarders engaged to hit the road until the festival. Tudor was driving the boat in zen mode, 2 of my best friends Alex&Alice were there, we were creating our own dream in that incredible space and my mind just stopped. 

I just observed the water – the moving water, the waves under the trace of our boat, the sun shining in the same line with us. I lived that second forever. It felt amazing. I experienced it so simply in the present moment that it imprinted my being irrevocably.

I’m in love with this island. 

I love how my heart beats when I feel the abundance of its beauty. 

We want you to enjoy this experience. And you need to offer it to the others.  

Keep clean! We will guide you.