We Love Dogs we really do, but they are not allowed on the island

As the title say We Love Dogs we really do, but they are not allowed at the 3 Smoked Olives Island Festival and bellow is the reason why.

When we started partying on this island, I think it was back in 2010, we were like 25 friends that wanted to enjoy the freedom of the island and listen to our music.

A few of our friends came with their dogs and something not so cool happened.

We started to prepare our food and one of the dogs stole some of it. We were thinking “Yeah, it’s fine, the dog needs to eat. Oh you funny doggy, here, have some more”.

After a while the dogs started fighting from no reason at all and we had to break them apart a bunch of times. One of them bit the hand of their master, just a little bit, but enough for the situation to become uncomfortable.

But the really not so cool part was when one of the dogs killed one piglet from the island and started running after the chickens at our friend’s hut.

When we started this festival this was one aspect that we didn’t want to happen again.
We know that some of you will say “my dog is friendly” or “my dog never does that”, but we can’t afford to test this with 3000 islanders.

On the other hand, imagine that 50 of you bring their dogs, we are not equipped to manage that situation because this is not an event for dogs.

I hope that we have your understanding and maybe you’ll agree with me that it’s better for the dogs to stay home. At the same time, maybe it’s a great opportunity for you to relax a few days without your dog :).

We know it’s a hard choice, a few of us have dogs and it’s difficult even for us to leave them at home. But we understand the consequences.

By the way, did you registered?