Why 21 years old is the minimum age accepted for our festival

There are many reasons why we choose the 21 years old minimum age for our Island festival.

One of the first reasons was what we experienced at other festivals. The experience is changed dramatically when you are dancing or relaxing and next to you there are teenagers and kids under 18 years old. We decided that we don’t want kids and teenagers at our festival.

But why 21 years old? Because by this age you’ve already experienced some parties or festivals and should start to develop a sense of responsibility, plus no one asks for your age or ID (except for some of you that are lucky enough to look younger at any age).

For example, at 21 years old, you realize and understand that it’s not a good idea to swim far into the Danube river, because it has very powerful currents that can take you away, especially during the night.

Also, this is very important for the rest of us: DO NOT SWIM far into the Danube river, stay close to the shore.
We beg of you to think of your loved one and not give them a reason to cry.

But the main reason is that this is what we wanted for our festival and decided that the 21 minimum age is part of our concept no matter what.

If you’re younger, and didn’t have your birthday before 1 October this year, we’re very sorry, this year the island is not for you. But we recommend going to other parties or festivals, don’t waist your summer. There are plenty of music events this summer, truth be told, none of them are like our island festival but, they might prepare you for the next 3SOF editions.

See you on the island!