Frequently asked questions

  • What are the #3sof dates and hours?

    The festival starts at 11:30am on 25th of July and ends at 12:30pm on 30th of July.

  • Are Children allowed on the island?

    No, they are not allowed. This is an event for 21+ years old people.

  • Can i bring my dog?

    No, you can not.

  • Where is it located?

    3 Smoked Olives Island Festival is located on an island located on the Danube River, at the border between Romania and Bulgaria

  • Can i bring my car on the island?

    No, you can not. Boats are waiting for you to take you on the island.

  • Can i bring food and drinks?

    No, you can not. Your luggages will be verified at The Gate.

  • How can i buy a ticket?

    First you have to Sign Up. Based on the register form, one of our #3sof team member will decide if you are eligible to buy tickets.

  • Can I buy more than one ticket?

    No, You can not.

  • What is the age limit to buy the ticket?

    21 years old

  • Can i rent a tent?

    Yes, you can. Rent a Tent prices starting from 10.78 EURO per night.

  • How many tickets can i buy?

    After you receive the confirmation e-mail with the "BUY TICKET" link, you can buy just one ticket, for yourself.

  • Do you have one day pass?

    No, not for the moment. There is a limited number of tickets available, valid for the full duration of the festival. However, it is up to you how long you will stay, if your time is limited.

  • I have a question

    Please feel free to send us an e-mail with the subject Ticket QUESTION at or contact us

  • Can i get a free ticket using my old bracelet?

    No, you can not. But at the Gate you will receive some surprises in exchange of your old bracelet.