Health tips

Hydrate yourself

Drink water, drink water my friend. Drink water before you’re thirsty. Drink plenty of water. You are on an island and you do not want to be dehydrated. Your whole body, mind and heart needs water. Give them what they ask for. Take care of yourself and do everything to not get dehydrated.

It’s getting hot in here

It’s the peak of summer and the sun is up all day long. Even if you are in the forest, you will feel the sun’s heat on your body. Take a hat with you, breathable clothes and use sunscreen protection before you get out from your tent. Don’t risk losing your festival days because of sunburned hurting skin.

Best friends forever

If one of the islanders is found in one heavy situation and needs a little bit of help, now is the time to show what a great friend you can be and help him/her. Take care of the person next to you and everything will be alright. This means a lot for the universe and you will be rewarded. In other situations look for help at the medical tent.

You don’t want a wasted holiday

The most dangerous way to ruin your happiness (or your friends to), is with drugs and alcohol, which also increases the risk of dehydration. Dehydration can cause headaches, stomach cramps, abdominal pains, constipation or diarrhea , flu-like symptoms, and mood swings and makes it difficult for the body to mend itself. The dangers of combining substances are only multiplied in this environment and under the hot July sun.

If someone you know complains of these symptoms, or shows signs of either overheating or (worse) a case of chills under the midday sun, get them to shade immediately and seek medical help immediately.

It’s often harder to think clearly and make good decisions. People can do dumb or dangerous things that could hurt them — or other people — when they use drugs or drink alcohol.

So please remember to DRINK RESPONSIBLY and DON’T TAKE DRUGS! Your soul is to beautiful for drugs and alcohol.                           Stay hydrated, stay safe!

Safety first

Medical tent

If you find yourself or another islander in trouble, IMMEDIATELY seek the medical tent. They are here to help you 24hours. Please tell them everything they want to know, you will not get in trouble. They only want to help you.

Even if you’re not sure, assume it is an emergency and get help. Better be prepared.

Keep your valuables

Keep your valuables at home. This is an island festival and you do not want to lose them. A tent does not have a locked door. If you see something strange, tell one of our security staff.

Security staff

A trained security team is ready and well prepared for us to have a great time in a safe space. You will see the “big guys” all over the island making sure that everything is alright for us.

Registrations are now open

Registrations are now open