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One of the most interesting way to experience our unique Island Festival is to become an Islander Volunteer and help us be better.

Deadline for Applications 15th of July 2018

3SOF opens call for volunteers! Join our community on the 3 Smoked Olives Island! 

As an islander volunteer you will help us deal with the tasks before, during and after 3 Smoked Olives Island Festival 2018. You will work 6 hours per day, involving actively to support the activities and the eco sustainable area of the festival, so that together we can ensure the most pleasant experience for the islanders participants and leave the island as harmonious as we find it.

Steps in becoming a 3SOF volunteer:

1. You need to buy your access ticket. The price for it will be refunded to you progressively each day of the festival.

2. You need to fill in the application form bellow.

Volunteers will receive: 5 days free access to the festival, food & water, eco training and work experience in a great team in the unique setup of the island.

We care for the island and so do you. 
Let’s work together!

Areas where you can volunteer:

1. ECO Support 

We aim to zero waste and we plan to implement different systems for doing so:

  • prepare the field for compost areas & selective collection.

  • arrange the solar panels for illuminating areas.

  • be close to islanders and encouraging them to respect the eco-friendly systems we implement for the sake of our beautiful nature.

  • ensure a clean area of the festival.

  • pack everything and take it away from the island.

2. Activities

Volunteers must have a proper understanding of the activities zone, being involved in:

  • maintaining contact with the facilitators of activities/workshops

  • informing participants regarding the program of the activities

  • being creative and spontaneous in managing on spot situations proving courtesy and optimism.

3. Food & Bar
4. At the gate
5. Artist care

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Registrations are now open

Registrations are now open