Sometimes, during the festival we need to get a couple of hours of sleep. In order to do that, on the ISLAND, you will find a Camping Area in the forest. During the night, the leaves of trees and the sky full of stars are your ceiling. By day you can enjoy the freshness of the river breeze.

The best part about this is that it’s completely FREE! Yes, you don’t have to pay anything to camp at 3 Smoked Olives Island Festival.

In the Camping Area you will also find the Food Court with all the goodies you need for a great meal.

#3SOF is best experienced with a TENT

We encourage you to bring one of your own and share it with your girlfriend/boyfriend/friends or other islanders you meet on the island.

If you do not have a tent, please e-mail us with the subject Tent SEEKER at hi@3sof.com. Add in the e-mail all the details (how many people, sleeping bags, thermal sleeping pads, etc)


The tent gives you a feeling of freedom. You have your own gateway to nature and you don’t have to worry about keys.

And if by any chance you can’t find your way back to your tent you can always take a nap in the chill area filled with hammocks big enough for two islanders.

The LIST with things you need

  • Fancy Sunglasses

  • Cool swimming suit
  • Rain gear (be ready for the summer drops)

  • Camping gear and tools (tent, tarp, sleeping bags, etc.)

  • Your coolest hoodie

  • Extra shoes/sneakers/flip flops

  • Insect/Mosquito repellent spray (without DEET is better – go greener!)

  • Tons of Sunscreen

  • A white hat for shade

  • A bandana

  • Aluminum or stainless steel container (or two!) for water

  • Biodegradable plastic bags for extra trash

  • Your own toilet paper (maybe you don’t like ours)

  • Lantern / flashlight / headlamp (AND extra batteries!)

  • Flag or something to make your campsite stand out

EXTRA things to consider

  • Leave your values at home

  • Natural/Organic soaps and shampoos

  • Smokers – bring an ashtray! Don’t leave your butts in the sand! Or better, stop smoking! It’s bad for the environment.

  • Those funny clothes you never wear it

  • You favorite Bear Blanket to sit on the beach

  • Earplugs for a better sleep

  • An extra tent or sleeping bag for your friend that forgets stuff all the time
!!!Do not print this!!! To many trees are cut for a piece of paper. Just copy/paste into your phone notes.

Registrations are now open

Registrations are now open