Wondering what to wear on the island?! Here you have some tips!

I can hardly wait for the 3 Smoked Olives Festival to begin! Only 20 days left…

You don’t need a huge luggage, you just have to choose your clothes wisely.

First of all, you’ll need a tent with the necessary equipment: sleeping bag and sleeping pad, but if you’re pretentious or not a tent lover, maybe you’ll also need a mattress or a pillow. Be aware that at night it gets cold, so you must have with you a pair of thick pyjamas.

On this beautiful island, during the day is really hot, so I recommend taking your swimsuit with you, a straw hat and a pair of sandals or slippers. You’ll love the feeling of taking a bath in the Danube and feel the sand between your toes. Also, don’t forget to use sunscreen while you’re reading a book on the beach, when you listen to music and just enjoy the view, or when having fun with your friends. You must take care of your skin on sunny summer days!

I know you will want to carry lot of things with you all the time, things that should not be left in the tent: your phone, a battery charger, money, sunglasses and also things that are usually with you, like gum, lip gloss, sunscreen and others. That’s why I suggest you bring a hip bag. It may look small, but trust me, is very spacious.

Be careful with the materials you choose, I recommend you organic cotton, linen and fluid materials.

All that being said, you will need:

  • 3-4 t-shirts, in simple colours or maybe with funny quotes or bands, or even with flower patterns;
  • some denim jeans, one long (for the night, because it gets cold) & one short (for the hot days). I think that high waisted ones are the perfect choice for your outfit festival;
  • 1-2 vaporous shirts, for a vibrant look, maybe with stripes (nautical style), in pastel or bold colours;
  • a few midi dresses, with tropical and botanical patterns, to match with the wilderness of the island;
  • one oversized hoodie, maybe in black or a neutral colour, to match all the prints you have;
  • also, don’t forget to take 2 towels with you for shower time.

These key items should fit in a medium backpack and then you’re ready to go!

Have fun on the beautiful island!

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